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Gangeshvaralinga Development March 2018

31st March 2018

by Susanne Ganns

Gangeshvaralinga – the universal peace centre for free peace in northern India is developing very well and much work has been excellently implemented and advanced thanks to the site managers and their teams.

This was reason enough to sit together with all the craftsmen, Shivaland employees and seminar participants on the large Surya place, to exchange ideas and share a meal together.

The cooking was delicious, everyone had a great time together and it was a fine experience to see so many different cultures gathered together.

Conclusion: We must and should do this much more often.

In addition to all infrastructure work and the external construction measures, the development inside of the temple is progressing vigorously. This work is now being carried out in exclusion of the public. These secrets are kept in order not to anticipate any inner experiences for all future visitors after the opening of the temple.

After cleaning, the gold roofs are also wrapped up again in order to counteract the increasing construction tourism. The temple already radiates strong charisma and power, which attracts people from different directions like magic.

In the meantime, the enclosure of the site has been mostly completed and thus offers a certain degree of protection.

The building is now wrapped all around with the hand-made natural stone blocks, which incorporate the flowing energy of the landscape and bring it to its best advantage.

The exterior work on the Parikrama – the tour of the Mother Temple – is largely completed. Temporary window frames are inserted and provided with plexiglass panes, which will protect the interior of the temple until the original glass windows of the glass artists can be used.

As a next step, the roof around the dome is fitted with blue glass tiles.



The dome above the Surya Cathedral is built and prepared with primer, so that the golden glass tiles can soon be applied there. This work is expected to be completed before the monsoon.

The mountains – houses of the gods – which will surround the Shiva tower in three levels, are under construction. After completion they will be a symbol for a very old city and at the same time an invitation to all aspects of God and Goddess. Each peak of these mountains will house a small temple with openings that will provide nesting places for ravens and other birds, so those who have wings will have their kingdoms there.

In intensive manual labour all larger stones are carried to this machine by women. There, these stones are ground into smaller boulders or finer sand, and then used further on the construction site.

Construction work on the infrastructure is in full swing and also well advanced.

The shell of the priests’ and guards’ house has already been completed and now the floors are being laid and the window and door frames set.



The floor plan of the bath house has also been completed and the construction of the walls has started there two weeks ago.


The shells of the Welcome-House and the Welcome-Shop are also built and soon the design of the exterior walls will be continued.

Many colours, doors and gates have now been selected for SHIN’s interior design, architectural plans for the power and water pipes have been requested and many details for the interior fittings have been discussed and defined.

The transport for the Lingam and Yoni has been arranged and the valuable load will reach Shivaland before the monsoon if all preparatory measures for the transport are successful.

All in all, the building develops efficiently and pleasingly in consideration of the time it took to build temple complexes in previous times.