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Exercise One-pointed Consciousness

22nd March 2019

Insights into the teachings of the Spiritual University Vidyamrtabdhi

by Susanne Ganns
The spiritual high school Vidyamrtabdhi “Ocean of the Nectar of Wisdom” in India was founded by SHIN and supports you to leave your personal layers and fantastic worlds which hold you back to come to the one truth.

During the retreat in March SHIN gave an exercise that touched me deeply and clearly shows what is important in the present time. Among many other things, SHIN really gave a wonderful key to open inner doors that had been locked so far.

Be awake in every moment

For those who want to reach the highest level – unity with God and Goddess -, those who want to come together for truth, for benevolence, for beauty and not for playing, it is important to be fully awake in every moment.

It begins just now, today, at this moment, that you are trying to come to yourself – now and again now – to that one point of consciousness.

I’m here and now, right now, you know all that!

But now is the best time to focus on this. Now.

Now, just now! This moment is unique not only in your personal moment, but also in the present moment of the earth and the cosmos.

Even in the midst of the situation in which you are now – the situation on earth in which we are all in the moment – it is possible to gain with concentration and attention this one point of consciousness, this power, this energy that you wish for, that you are looking for.

Repeat, repeat this continuously!

At every moment it is possible to awaken the luminous energy. This in turn enables to stop the tendency to run on this earth, to run towards war, to run towards destruction, to run towards death, to stop it, to stop that!

Again and again remember this one point of consciousness, like clapping hands, like a lightning strike. And then perceive the silence afterwards.

Then direct your consciousness to e.g. your thoughts, your image in a mirror, flowers, the candle in front of you, this or that face, your shoes, something you see in nature,… Then declare this in your mind as “just this or that thing around you, just a shell” that can go away at any time, even your body, your ideas, everything.

But the lightning moment and the silence afterwards is always new, new, new and always a moment of surprise, because you have never had a moment like this before.

This is practical Kashmir Shivaism and the most important component of this teaching at the spiritual University.

It is not only that, but this way of waking yourself up again and again, pushes you to reach the highest state of awake consciousness, higher than ever before.

In this way you can practice it individually and everywhere, so that the “controller or the self, the ego” can no longer control at all.

You should abandon and discard your clothes, your luggage, the covers, your recipes.

Always keep in mind, however, that the unity with God and goddess will not succeed without bridge or connection to the gods, without sensibility to the earth, without appreciation for the entire beauty of creation, with the false identification “I am what I have, my house, my cars, my knowledge etc.”.

And this one point of conciousness is not a point that’s just important to you alone. It is a point, a light-filled springboard for humanity, for the earth, for the cosmos.

Only if you carry this in your consciousness and practice it accordingly and in this way can you win your reality.

Quote from SHIN: “Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything, it’s in your free decision, but it’s so close to the blazing truth-point that it’s well worth it, for you, for the earth, for humanity, for the universe, just to get to the point. From the entanglement to the star.”

Note from the author of this blog:

During this exercise it became clear to me that moving something on the outside and bringing inner impulses as something meaningful to earth is part of the creation within me and can achieve peace.

However, I have also understood that a change on earth and “Free Peace” can only happen if man is again completely one with God and Goddess through the inner marriage.

For me this also implies, that the peace we humans always speak about is completely different from the free peace that reigns in creation.

Our so-called peace takes place outside.

Furthermore, it also makes sense to me now, as the One-Point Consciousness Exercise explains, that “Free Peace” can only arise on earth when man becomes what he really is, a free star, a seed of the Creator with the same vibration as his parents God and Goddess. and not only when he dies, but already here in this earthly life. Through this, this power comes fully to earth and can transform.

This alone would herald the new epoch with the new man and thus “Free Peace” comes to earth.

If a person prepares his soul for this event by forcing this star in himself at every moment, then healing can happen, because in the inner being that vibration arises which the seed always carried in itself from the very beginning.

All the beauty (which also can be found everywhere in nature), all the love, all the knowledge of the goddess in us (which sits rolled up in our lowest coccyx as Kundalini) can then rise up to marry with the light of God coming down from above. The wedding is taking place.

Does this indicate that the inside is untouchable?

Does it show that we humans, as well as nature, can only be attacked from the outside and manipulated by harmful forces?

Is it that what makes the souls so sad, because the great immeasurable love of the goddess cannot be found on the outside and we miss the creative beauty?

I was initially horrified at this realization that the change on Earth can only happen in this way, because so much of what had seemed so important on the outside up to now is no longer there.

But after I had dis-set myself, i.e. sat down differently inwardly, a wonderfully free feeling came with deep confidence that it would be possible through our inner being and our inner practice that everything on earth would turn for the better and that we humans would find “Free Peace” again.