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History of the Gangeshvaralinga Temple

3rd April 2019

Most respected and beloved reader,

Greetings and blessings!

This is a first short legend of a true long story which is happening at the present time, in your lifetime. I am aware it may be hard for many people to grasp or even to think what will be presented here. However it happened and is unfolding in earthly reality.

20 years ago a man with Swiss nationality came to India with a vision: to create a living place for God Shiva. He knows that in this storm laden time it is of most urgent importance to help the land of India – with its 5.000 to 8.000 years old unbroken culture – to restore its power and dignity in the present time and for the future.

In different parts of India this man was perceived and recognized as an incorporation of Shiva which led to Acharya’s and representatives of different hinduistic religious streams introducing him and his beloved wife into the Brahmanic state. In Rajasthan they opened a Shiva temple for him.

This great vision of a green land where culture is unfolded together with nature led to the beautiful area of Garhwal in Uttarakhand. On a mountain top, about 22km from Rishikesh following the Ganga upwards, together with his Indian friend he discovered a sandy, mostly unoccupied land at a river knee on the other side of the Ganga, from which he felt out of his inner vision directly that parts of his pioneer ideas will realize themselves here. Maybe it would even be possible to build a city without noise and pollution where the people can be offered, in a marketplace formed in the shape of a sun, the best fruits and ayurvedic spices of purest agricultural cultivation as well as finest products from the Garhwal culture. A lot of ideas were developed to give a new strength and dignity to the land and the people – including houses, connected by big roofs to collect great amounts water for times of drought.

Everything is prepared and waiting for those intelligent visionary Indians, who are helping to realize this project by Indians for India and Shiva. Often there were great possibilities in which the Swiss man and his Indian friends could discuss these cultural impulses with the local government as well as the government of the whole of India. Out of these very thankful talks and meetings, Shiva`s school in the mountain region of Pauri was enabled to be realized.

It is with heartfelt thanks that these impulses were received gratefully and supported warmly by the government. The school prospered and is growing further. On the area of the pioneer village–in–becoming, a well-functioning charitable trust has been established, through which it has been possible to offer free medical dispensaries at different locations, even with facilities for small operations. There, many thousands of people have been receiving free medical help through co-working doctors.

Additional to the vision “Garhwal green – culture together with nature” to provide and support dynamic harmonious development of the human being: also including with its religious concerns. Healthy traditional life and healthy future unfolding are not contradictory!

Under the guidance of a most knowledgeable Pandit of a very old Hinduistic Shaivite family, amidst nature, on an absolute precisely found location, in the focal point of the rays of the mother temples in the surrounding mountains, the ceremony of Lingam and Nandi was held (the Murti was prepared by artists from Rajasthan).

As in the vision, from its beginning, it was a duty, as in ancient times that the lingam stone of Shiva should be placed first. Because on Him everything is founded and without Him nothing is fixed. Throughout many years wherein the Swiss man gave 60% of his annual income for maintenance and unfolding, the holy symbol of Shiva was kept closed in a small hut for protection. Only for times of honouring and for Shivaratri the small hut was opened. Meanwhile, with the help of spiritual people, the land was blossoming.

Than a new mighty vision appeared how through Mahadev and Parvati, for Garhwal and maybe for the whole of India, a temple had to be created. From the depths of meditation on a beautiful morning with the speed of a lightning flash the lightpicture of the completed temple burst forth, including measure, number and full form. All was precisely and clearly given. Following these instructions, the being inspired by Shiva, drew everything true to scale.

The appointed architect at first said on the basis of this drawing it would be hardly possible to realize it, but he wanted to occupy himself with it. After a thorough investigation the honourable architect announced that he would be only too happy to construct such an extraordinary temple building. So today we stand before the beautifully growing temple in earthly reality, which creates astonishment and goodwill in the population as well as in government representatives. In the centre of the big hall in a high dome, surrounded by long silver- and golden-shimmering curtains, the Mahalingam will rise.

We are in a time in which spirits of anger, malice and hate are driving mankind into war. The vision shows Shiva`s will to protect and safeguard this land and the population from war and therefore the high lingam will be inaugurated in that form that is written in the sacred Puranas.

There was a huge war that broke out and horrible slaughters endangered the whole world. Those blinded ones were ready to kill, slaughter and annihilate each other. Amidst the storm of battle, from within a tremendous storm of fire a great form of God descended, emerged from his column and called a halt to the fighting armies.

After they realized that it was Mahadev, the Only Lord of the universe, they bowed down to him. “I am the God, your Lord. And if you honour me, also honour this, my symbol. Because it is the sign of Light, Love and Life. Bearer of all continuity of worlds and beings. Honour me from now on with this holy sign of the Lingam and the Yoni and whoever honours these in his holy shrine has the direct connection with ME. And if there is a second lingam in the same temple, it is the sign that you shall become like me and equal with me.”

So this temple Gangeshvaralinga will rise to defend against enmity and warmongering: and for the holy preservation of life, of goodness and the consciousness light of humanity.

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