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July 2019 – Construction progress Gangeshvaralinga Temple

8th July 2019

by Susanne Ganns

Despite the great heat, which is again prevalent in India this summer, the construction work continues.

The outside facilities are being completed quickly.

The interior of the guard house is finished. Work is currently underway on the large viewing platform of the guard house.

The outside of the bathhouse is completely plastered and inside the changing rooms are being extended.

The golden domes of the various temple areas have all been completed by now.

After the monsoon in September the big roof of the Parikrama Temple will be tiled with blue tiles.

Currently the big entrance gate to the temple is under construction.

During the monsoon season, which now begins in July and lasts until around the beginning of September, most of the exterior work is suspended and the interior work continues.

We are looking forward to the new pictures which Bhagin Kellenberger will bring with him in October after his trip.

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