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March 2019 – News from the Temple Gangeshvaralinga

25th March 2019

from Susanne Ganns

Increasingly, with each new construction phase, the temple Gangeshvaralinga rises mighty and dignified in the midst of nature above the Ganga.

The dome roofs of the Fire Temple and the Surya Temple are now decorated with golden glass tiles. Together with the pyramid roof and the dome of the Mother Temple, they create a wonderful majestic image.


The Kailash bows on the north side of the Shiva tower are finished and on the south side the bows (also called folded hands) are in their final construction phase. After the shell constriction they will be plastered and hand painted by an Italian company based in South India.

The outer walls of the Surya Temple are currently covered with white marble tiles. Each individual tile has a different structure which is worked into it by hand.

The Vimana – the light ship of the gods – is almost finished, the last 16 parts will be installed in the coming weeks. See also blog “Vimana – an invitation to the gods”.


Work around the temple

The construction team of the site manager Negi did a wonderful job in the exterior area. Many buildings are already shaped in an excellent way.


The Bath House

The shell is almost finished. The roof is mostly covered with red tiles.


The interior work is in full swing. Here is a view of the priest and bathing temple area as well as the dressing rooms.

Soon all walls will be plastered and prepared for the painting work and the floor and wall tiles will be laid in the appropriate places. The window frames will also be inserted in the coming weeks.

The Guardian House

The stately guard house is also largely finished in the shell. The observation platform for the guards is under construction. This area will be fully glazed. Door frames and window frames are mostly installed. The house is now completely covered with red bricks.

The interior work on the ground floor is mostly finished and very beautifully designed.

Welcome Area

The Welcome-House and Welcome-Shop are also finished and completely covered with red bricks. The interior plastering work will soon take place.

Enclosure by a wall

A large part of the temple area is now enclosed by a stone wall. However, many stones are still missing for the rest of the area to limit building tourism and to protect the area. We are grateful for every “stone donation”.


Further construction plans

Many construction meetings with architect, master builders, various companies in relation to interior design (which is also continuously progressing and already gives many ideas), design of the temple gates, transport and erection of the sanctuary Lingam and Yoni took place.

And the first paths were defined by SHIN and will be laid out accordingly in the near future. This is a new and interesting step, which gives us a slight idea of how people will proceed to the temple in the future.

Much has been discussed and planned for the further construction phases and we can all look forward to what has been achieved by autumn, when we will be back in India.

It is wonderful to see time and again how the place gains more and more power, how everything joins together and takes shape and how the whole place reveals more and more what a special Temple will arise there.