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Nature and Human Being

Healthy Evolution for Nature and All Beings

How can people prepare themselves for the coming events of change?

It becomes possible if a human being is able to grasp itself again in its larger unity or in its entirety.

The earth and nature, with all its creatures, is home school and university as well as an exemplary teacher of integral learning and helps man in the study of the parables. As man is the bearer of the highest parables. The study of the principles, the listening of the words, the self-comprehension of the rhythms help to re-harmonize our whole being. Through the breath and the word we can understand our divine power anew.

Integral learning means ‒ nothing is left out. It implies learning at every opportunity, with all the abilities and forces that are somehow to be found, and can also be seen in nature in the original environment.

A human being, similar to landscape structures, can receive higher forces like a bowl. How would it be if (s)he thusly were to become a donor of nourishment?

Man is the mountain and upon reaching the top, he surveys everything.

Weighing and dosing the forces, reaching inner and outer unity and acting out of the I AM accordingly. All life is one.

Light – Love – Life

All this is written in nature.
Whoever researches, who takes a closer look, who listens with all his senses, will find much more.

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