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Nature School


‒ The path to the highest goal ‒
In “Pauri Garhwal” (Uttaranchal / Himalayas), North India

This school project aims at facilitating decent and humane learning from kindergarten to the university degree, in which the entire potential of skills at all learning levels can be developed freely.

Particularly the children and young people need our help, because it is them who have to live in the future with this earth as it is committed to them! We wish the young people, the descendants, a good future, a healthy and dignified happy life. All loving parents want this.

It’s about enabling a DIGNIFIED LIFE. The evolution is to become humane! This also includes the fact that man in present and future values the earth once again and deals worthily with the hitherto very rich nature. We must actively stand up for a culture with nature!

It takes NEW IMPULSES IN THE SCHOOL! What the children learn, they bring into daily life. This is especially true when a school follows a healthy and curative philosophy. The teaching material must not be one-sided. What the students learn must be good for the development of the whole human being. The entirety of the human being must be considered and attain a balanced development. Particular emphasis in the teachings will be placed on what brings lust for life, joy, vitality, knowledge of the world and meaning to the young ‒ and later adult ‒ human being. FROM CONSUMER TO INVENTIVE CO-CREATOR!

This school wants to help young people to develop and further heighten their own gifts and abilities so that they will be enlightened and contented in their consciousness by it, and will grow into a harmoniously dynamic personality.

The school is open to penniless as well as wealthy families. Mutual aid is part of the strength of a people. Building something up in a free community brings satisfaction, joy and friendship.

On one hand, this school is built in an area where diligent, studious people live, but there is also a great need to help people help themselves. If nothing is done, a mountain culture is threatened.

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Project description of the nature school to download

Donation Note

CHF 20.- monthly per student

6 x CHF 250.- monthly

School uniform and shoes
CHF 30.- yearly per student

Construction second building

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