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Pan Terra


The good shepherd and guardian; god of nature, of all beings and creatures.


the earth; the land; the primeval ground and terrain; the female divinity, which appears in the beauty of nature and in the creative power of man.

The association or the community Pan Terra sees the task in harmoniously and dynamically combining both aspects mentioned above.

It is during this time of great transformation that a spirituality and cooperation in friendship is called for. Thus, in this association, free individualities want to come together to work in a spirited community, which will lead ALL into the future and enables a healthy evolution of humanity, the children, the earth and all its beings.

A living community, however, is not an institution with membership cards, a “need to belong” or an exclusive association, but it is a community that acts as an animate being and continues to unfold as it is healthy for the development of every highly intelligent creature.

The energy of such a community alone will help mankind to penetrate and blaze through the individualisation forces of this energy field, in which we are at present, through the sounds and colors of the individual I-AMs.

With this foundation, the association, this community would like to merge the different streams ‒ all of which are fed by the one source ‒ with their blossoms and work together according to the time to form the NEW and bring it to the ground.

We want to work together in friendship as good shepherds for the preservation of nature, for the protection of our earth Terra, for the dignity of man, for the purity of love and the natural continuation of life.

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