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Pioneer Village

Pioneer Village Bhairava Nagar

in Sirasu, North India

It is our responsibility to create places of strength and harmony.
Human beings and space ‒ body spaces ‒ shape life force.

Bhairava Nagar is a place where people learn to live in harmony with the cosmic laws and laws of nature once again, and to shape their existence and their everyday lives according to them. In order to achieve consistency with the laws of creation, the structure of the place is correspondingly subdivided.

The place wants to allow all the religious streams to get together and is situated on the old pilgrimage route on which people have always hiked to the springs of the Ganges, during their travel from Haridwar.

In March 1999 land pieces were acquired, the foundation stone was laid and the central sanctuary of the Shiva Mandir was deployed with great participation of the population.

First, the place was designed for devotion and worship, then rooms for spiritual teaching and dwelling houses were built for those who want to learn and pass on the knowledge.

Old craftsmanship is revived and working and living spaces created for it.

The medical care is provided by integrating the local holistic medicine (Ayurveda) as well as the findings of Western natural healing and offered free of charge to the surrounding population twice a month.

In order to offer the visitors of the growing place lodging, the guest area AnandLok was built. Small well decorated bungalows and a restaurant allow guests a pleasant stay.

Opportunities are being set up for international congresses to promote human dignity, peace, social justice, protection of animals, plants and the earth.

The grounds for fire and festivals offer the possibility to organize larger open air events.

Bhairava Nagar is growing and shall grow organically. It will become a meeting place for people of all nations and from different stands, a place where man/woman can experience the unity with the creation through the appropriately lived everyday life. It will become a place from which visions of peace, impulses for organic cooperation of different peoples and mentalities radiate, a place of search for the common and the different, not for the separating, and a place of the healthy development for man and earth.

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Donation Note

CHF 150.- allow one meter handmade natural stone wall.
Due to the increasing flow of people, which will continue to grow as a result of the construction of the center of peace, it is important to keep the interior of the pioneer village with a wall to ensure the quietness of teaching and living in the country.

CHF 30.- for a tree
Two years ago the road to the pioneer village was largely destroyed by heavy monsoon rains. In order to further consolidate and expand the path, many trees have to be planted in a triple section.

CHF 200.- monthly
Medical care – doctor’s salary

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