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Universal Center for Free Peace in Sirasu, North India

The temple, the Universal Center for Free Peace, grows in the Garhwal on a land that the holy Ganga has been preparing for millions of years. Layer by layer, she has washed stones, sand and wood.

This temple is built from the mother rock of the area. It grows out of the ground and thus carries the rock out of the ground. All building parts are built according to creative laws. The whole temple contains elements of the 2000 to 3000 year old culture of India, but there are also some elements from Egypt and Sumer to be found.

Many cosmic secrets are hidden in the various rooms of the temple, for example the temple for the Nagas. Nagas, the cobras who often feed on poisonous snakes, are the symbol of Shiva even into the animal kingdom and have a close connection with man.

A great part of the creative energy of the true core of the I AM is rolled up in the Sacrum, the floor of the basin of man, in rings like a cobra resting there waiting for its re-emergence. As this all-knowing energy – Kunda – climbs up in our spine, it helps people to transform all their negative elements and toxins, so that the essential evolutionary memory for man and earth is freed.

This example of the Naga Temple may illustrate how deeply this center of peace is connected and interwoven with man and nature, and what unimaginable possibilities of healing, transformation, and free peace are created with this “sacred instrument”.

Many friends from all over the world, with all their abilities and professional expertise, participate in this composition. Most of this is done by hand, which means the hands coming from the heart, so real heartwork is created.

Again and again this building is a big challenge for everyone involved, as this work involves completely new and often unknown impulses.

Already during the construction it is noticable what sublime creation and hardly describable place of power arises in India for the whole earth.

The temple of Gangeshvaralinga is a place of real encounter with the divine world.
This sanctuary is created not only for a particular group of people, but for all real pilgrims and spiritual students.

Anyone who has experienced the temple will never forget it.

Why is this center of peace developed in India?

India has uniquely on this earth an unbroken 5000-7000 year old culture. It is of great importance for the whole development on this earth that this culture is preserved and transferred to the coming epoch.

Most people cannot see or understand this danger because humanity has almost lost its relationship to the divine world over the last 300 years. Now, however, there are new, unimaginative opportunities for men. So it is just during this time essential to bring the novel globally important divine impulses to the earth.

Since not only the old holy land of God India is in need, but also the whole earth, help must be brought to all mankind! The sacred power of truth, wisdom, and love is gathered in this temple building. From there it will radiate in all directions. It is time for strong and dedicated friends to come together, who understand what is going on here, and how this endeavor will help in future all those involved and all the others.

This time demands the highest consciousness: Bhairava!

PDF – Project description from Gangeshvaralinga

Donation Note

Stone for the nature wall – hand made
CHF 2.- per piece

Murti statues
starting from CHF 500.- per piece

Colour glass window
CHF 5,000.- per piece

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