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Our special commitment is dedicated to the following projects

Especially in this time of big changes we want to bring with powerful and amicable commitment meaningful impulses into all spiritual, psychical, social, political, ecological and economical areas in the earthly reality. These areas can be found in living manner in all projects.

India has uniquely on this earth an unbroken 5000-7000 year-old culture. It is of great importance for the whole development on this earth that this culture is preserved and transferred to the coming epoch.

This is one of the principal reasons, which is why most projects are established in India and can serve then at last as a seed, for a development on the whole earth.

Place of Power

Universal Centre for the Free Peace with lots of cosmic secrets.

Nature School
Paramarth Awadhawan

On 1800 metres with view at the Himalayas.
Integral learning for a new school culture.

Spiritual University

A new way of learning enables to perceive and recognize the world anew and more fully.

Pioneer Village
Bhairava Nagar

It is our responsibility to create places of strength and harmony.

Healthy Evolution for the Nature and All Beings

The earth and nature, with all its creatures, is home school and helps man in the study of the parables.

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