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Spiritual University

Construction of the Spiritual University Vidyamrtabdhi in India

The spiritual university “Ocean of the Nectar of Wisdom” is located in North India, in the pioneer village Bhairava Nagar.

Vaishvik Maha Shaktishvar Yogiraj Shin Shiva Svayambhu Bhairavanath teaches at this place. SHIN works and teaches worldwide in countries of different traditions, cultures and religions.

SHIN is the initiator of the Yoga of Integral Learning. Through his direct access to the power of creation (Indian – Kundalini; Celtic – Vouivra; Christian: Fire of Pentecost; scientific – zero-point energy) and by his profound knowledge of their laws and modes of expressiveness, SHIN can help the seeking human in his individual, inner way.

The ultimate goal of this path is the opening of the essential core, the essence of the true human dignity and thus the awakening into the free, good creation power.

It is especially in this time of dynamic transformations for the healing of the earth organism that a spirituality is required, which is able to bring this principle into earthly reality ‒ into all mental, psychological, social, political, ecological and economic areas.

His principle: only a NEW MAN/WOMAN can realize the NEW EPOCHE! ‒ can be grasped by the DYNAMIC-HARMONIC work with Kundalini. A quick but not superficial new way of learning enables us to perceive and recognize the world anew and more fully. His vital teaching is always young, for mankind continues to develop.

Basic Elements of the Spiritual University Vidyamrtabdhi

The teaching is vivid, precise, simple, integral, that is from the primordial unity, related to and involving everything. In Integral Learning and Intuitive Doing, the universal principle of the healthy development and mutual advancement of all beings, man exercises himself in recognizing this lawfulness manifested in the development of the world and living accordingly.

In practice, the three special human abilities of singing, language, and dance also reveal their mysterious initiatory power.

This first dance art goes back to the origin of all times, connects man directly with the source of life and belongs to the future humanity. Some secrets of ancient and sacred traditions can only be experienced in dance.

This ancient dance tradition is imparted by SHIN.

Furthermore, this lively teaching includes

Work with the senses
Secrets of the breath
Word, language
Introduction and deepening of the Holy Rites
Initiatory encounter with myself and the OTHER

As part of the establishment of the spiritual university Vidyamrtabdhi Bhogin R. Kellenberger was named as the first teacher of this school by SHIN in March 2016. Subsequently, it is planned that in the coming period, further teachers and instructors of SHIN will be called upon to pass on their teachings.

Read more about students of SHIN and their experiences with his teaching

Bhagin Richard Kellenberger, alternative practitioner, Switzerland
SHIN has been my teacher and best friend since 1996. Through his initiation I experienced the inner happiness of the harmoniously flowing Kundalini. The teaching that HE gives is a helpful companion for the development of self-perception, the perception of nature and the harmonious development of one’s own being. The love, kindness and sometimes also severity with which HE teaches is unique. I am grateful and it is an honour for me to support HIM in the construction of the universal centre for free peace “Gangeshvaralinga” in India.


Patricia Rau, Portfolio Accountant, Switzerland
I went to my first seminar, young, without really knowing what I was getting into at all. Although I wasn’t on fire, I felt the need to continue. Only over the years did my heart and eyes slowly open to what a profound, all-encompassing healing and gratifying blessing Shin’s presence is for the earth and all beings. Take all known teachers into consciousness, then you know almost a tiny part of Shin.

Dr. Christian Schneider
Management Consultant, Switzerland
With the living teaching of SHIN each participant dives deeply into the secrets of his own being and the whole universe. Connections become clear, one’s own boundaries can be shifted, questions are answered and all this happens in a playful way that is completely comprehensive and beneficial. In the holistic teaching the whole person is addressed and everyone discovers himself anew. I have attended many spiritual schools in my life, but none was so comprehensive and taught so amazing – The Way Behind the Ways.


Birgid Rau Yoga teacher, Germany
Through the teaching of my teacher Shin, more and more dimensions of yoga open up to me. There is a secret that I have discovered in my “inner being” that gives me such deep happiness and joy, independent from the outside, that it cannot be compared to anything I have ever experienced. Yes, I can say with amazement that I have discovered the original source of yoga through and with Shin and I am deeply grateful to be able to work in friendship with Him.

Gérard Lacraz Artist, France
I find in the teaching of SHIN an extraordinary training in various disciplines: be it exercises for rejuvenation, refreshment, animation, be it profound anthropological, evolutionary historical explanations, be it social educational, artistic events. From the smallest to the greatest, from the most wide-ranging to the most obvious, from the applicable practical to the finest spiritual; it is always about the peace-making art of being human. I feel honoured and challenged to artistically implement SHIN’s impulses for the glass art of the windows of the Peace Temple.

Susanne Ganns, author, Germany
19 years ago I came to my first lecture by SHIN. Since then I have always experienced HIM as a true friend of people, whose abilities HE strengthens supportively and teaches with an indescribable abundance of living creative knowledge. With the Integral Teaching doors opened to me and I can intensively increase my talents, abilities, spirituality and consciousness and bring them to the ground in daily life. The Vidyamrtabdhi University in India is the most comprehensive culmination of any spiritual teaching.

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