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Teaching contents of the Spiritual University

30th March 2019

Everything in this teaching leads to the one truth

Retreat review by Susanne Ganns
Over the last hundreds of years, it can be observed that people have increasingly concentrated on what is visible on the outside, and that in this present time research and understanding are predominantly carried out on the outside.

The current situation in the world, which destroys nature and creation, would not be needed, because we could find all knowledge inside. And everything that was created on the outside, as well as the different developments/evolution, are only a mirror of capacities that man would normally have inside.

The way outside goes to the Asuras (against the light).
The way inside goes to God, to Sura (the light).

In Matmari (original language) the meaning of Sura is on the one hand sun and on the other hand are those described who have the energy and the consciousness to be able to create in order to always give.

Asura means no more light, no more God, no more suns, but in the hidden it also means no more vibration, in other words no more creation. Instead of creation there is combination.

Asura wants man to live in a world of combination. The harmonic-synarchic system of creation is ignored.

If we fall into this trip, it’s the end of mankind.

In early times people from high cultures were very aware of this and they always cultivated the work inside. In this way the common inner language can be found again. The most comfortable, evolutionary and revolutionary way to learn is the way of full recognition of the world, the awakening of one’s inner apparatuses, organs and capacities.

We must regain this knowledge, reconnect to it and bring it into the new time. For this reason, all the teachings of the Spiritual University Vidyamrtabdhi are adapted to the research within, for this is the only way to return to God.

Call of the soul, life wants music

Even music is mainly made outside, too much noise and destructive elements outside, but also quiet things like badly spoken things in everyday life, in the working world etc. make the soul cry.

Wonderful exercises were part of the retreat in March 2019, during which the caves in the head were intoned with very selected Sanskrit sounds to get back in touch with the caves within the earth, because everything in us is connected to the earth and the cosmos. In all this God is hidden.

If we illuminate the caves inside of us, this also has effects on our environment and the earth.

It is also about becoming alive again in all intermediate areas of the organism, i.e. everywhere where there is “nothing”, where there is “pause”, life should be able to play again. Because everywhere where it does not play, man does not feel well, because it cannot flow through there in such a way.

Singing OM in a very special way, mantra singing and its deep effect on people and what they can bring about with it, wandering by voices into different sound spaces, rehearsing songs from the Garwhal with Indian friends, listening to drum rhythms, cultivating and practicing songs for the great ritual of the Shivaratri celebration, were further components of the teaching and balm for the soul.

Our fingers and hands and the cosmos
Again and again SHIN gave valuable mudras or finger exercises in combination with the breath. Also the connections of the individual fingers with the whole cosmos were shown and that everything we do with our hands has effects on all levels.

An exciting and at the same time playful working with the hands and to make it clear that we have everything in hand to redesign the world. Exact execution is urgently necessary, because every slight change in the finger position has a different and sometimes far-reaching effect.

Movements, doing something good for the body
Body exercises, Sarvajñana Vijñana Yoga, learning and exploring gestures as well as cosmic dance is a “must” in the teaching of SHIN. Through this practice the special abilities of the human being show their mysterious initiatic power. Each of these elements is through the body a working towards the higher consciousness.

The culture of the word and the language

To enjoy oneself with elements and syllables, true knowledge is passed on from mouth to ear, how can I learn to guide my voice and language in order to give gifts to other people, how can I make the inner temple vibrate with wordings, how can I heal the earth with words, how can I study the names of God and what effect do they have on people. These are only a few insights into the manifold work with the word. The word is the goddess and so the word is also a tool which supports the path behind the paths in a meaningful way in order to guide man to the highest goal.

Unmeasurable teaching content

The rich training gifts of SHIN could be endlessly listed here. It is the absolute fullness of creation that flows into the teaching here.

All that has already been mentioned, as well as extraordinary lectures by SHIN, with the following topics: Integral Transformation, Agartha Vara Shamabala, BHUJANGI – sitting posture of the goddess and its meaning, 1000-fold sun center in the focus, windows are sections of reality, old trees and their magic, developing understanding “who is Pashupati”, let us sense the working and weaving in the cosmos.

Through his profound and original knowledge of the creative laws, every lecture becomes at the same time an “excursion” into the micro- and macrocosm.

With his direct access to the creator energy and the knowledge about its expressive forms Shin can also open special doors in meditations, like light structure, puja inside and outside, Star –  Ray – I AM, and impart true knowledge in different ways, which prepares and accompanies the flow of Kundalini in each person individually.

Review of the 14-day retreat

Back in Europe I look back at the retreat. Because of the abundance and variety of this teaching I have the feeling I was in training for several years. Richly gifted and endowed with an immeasurable number of spiritual tools for every situation. It is as if I could pull thousands of strings for each step to be able to walk along the paths to the highest goal of man.

An indescribable thank you is deep in my heart. It is priceless what SHIN gives to people in his retreats, in the hope that all the children of creation may reach their great goal – the inner wedding.