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Temple outdoor area Several things before completion

7th November 2019

By Susanne
The visit of the temple project of Bhagin R. Kellenberger in October 2019 made it clear that in the last few months much has happened again and that many things are now approaching completion

The impressive entrance gate to the temple is now finished in its shell. It is already discernible which view to the temple the entrance will show.

The cladding of the Suria Tower with the white marble tiles has also been completed and the laying of the golden glass mosaics on the various domes has also been largely completed.

The final touches and grouting of the glass tiles on the Vimana were done this week and now the lightship under the Shiva tower pyramid roof is shining all around in full splendour.

The welcome area with welcome house and welcome shop is also in the design phase and increasingly shows the image that will welcome the visitor.

Furthermore we started with the big entrance gate in the welcome area and the entrance to the temple area.

The plastering of the Holy Bath building is mostly finished and now the walls are waiting for an interesting coloured plastering of Italian plaster artists from Auroville, who are very much looking forward to this coloured construction of the different temple areas.

The design and plastering of the Kailash Chapels on the north and south sides have also been completed and are also awaiting the colourful design skills of the plastering team.

The guardhouse is in its final phase. Now also the large guard’s observation hall is finished and tiled, from which the guards will have the whole area in the field of vision.

In Delhi, SHIN and Bhagin held further talks on the various Murtis that will be housed in the buildings and grounds. And the first gate for the sacred inner temple area has already been commissioned from a large gate and door company.

During the seminar a celebration took place.

SHIN, initiator and landlord invited all workers of the temple project, children and pupils from the nearby school and many villagers as well as the international seminar participants to a common meal and subsequent exchange and dance on Suria Square.

It was a successful celebration and gave already a small hint, how there will be many beautiful celebrations of the most different cultures in the future also after the temple opening still. A temple site of friendship, community, love and joy.

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