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The temple building in autumn 2018

29th December 2018

By Susanne Ganns

Much has taken place during the monsoon inside the temple – but all this is a sweet and preserved wonderful secret which every temple visitor may experience in himself and in his inner being after completion of the building.

Therefore it is really worthwhile to visit the temple yourself one day.

But also in the outside the work around the temple and on the outside design of the temple has gone ahead diligently. Thus we look back on a successful 2018 and wish all readers a lot of inner joy when looking at the pictures and reading the report.


Another construction team began in spring with the bath house, which will enable pilgrims to take a cleansing foot bath or full bath before visiting the temple.

In the meantime, the outer walls have been completed and the excavation for the two pools of the bathhouse has been completed and bricked in. In the near future, the pools will be concreted and tiled.

Guard house and welcome area

At the same time as the bath house the construction of the guard house as well as the welcome house and welcome shop was started.

In the meantime, most of the shell of the guard house has been completed, the roof has been installed, the windows and doors have been installed and some of the floors have already been tiled inside.

Both Welcome-Houses have been completed and the roofs have been roofed in the last few days.

Kailash - Houses of the Gods

The Kailash on the north side has now been completed and on the south side the first stage has also been completed. For a more detailed description of the importance of the Kailash, see Current construction progress of the temple in July 2018.

Domes and roofs

The domes of the Abishek (temple of the holiest bath of Shiva) and the Havan fire temple were completed. At the Abishek the gold tiles were left spiral and at the fire temple right spiral. With the pictures it is well to be seen, how complex the inlays are, each individual tile must be numbered and marked accordingly in the apron. A special work of art.

After the monsoon, the airy work of cleaning the Shivatower roof was finally done. A team of mountaineers took over this work. Due to a forest fire the roof was extremely sooty and so all tiles and joints had to be cleaned intensively. Now the roof shines again in full beauty and the integrated OM on all four sides is good to see again.



Despite heavy monsoon rains the ladders for the Shivaturm and the Parikrama could be installed. Both ladders were inevitable and are now very helpful for cleaning the roofs, flag hoists etc.


The Vimena or the lightship under the Shivatower roof is now largely completed and is simply a magnificent lightful work of art. May the gods are invited, to stand by the people as they grand change. You can find more about Vimena under News in the blog “Vimana – an invitation to the gods”.



The preparations for the transport of Lingam and Yoni – the wonderful and central sanctuary of the temple – are in full swing. In South India, where the sculpture was made, everything is arranged for the transport, a boat for the transport over the Ganga is in work, all formalities for the transport by road are in progress. On Shivaland a track has now been cleared on which Lingam and Yoni are pulled up. This event is planned for spring 2019.
Let us all keep our fingers crossed that this project can finally succeed soon after so many difficulties and handicaps.

Preview and thanks

So we all look forward to the coming year with joy. Much has been achieved, the building is protected and guarded by the spiritual world in many ways.

We are grateful for all the good cooperation, the many helping hands, which make many things visible and also those hands, which are involved in the construction and other background work in silence and concealment, we would like to thank.

The construction is a great challenge for all involved, but it is also an unspeakable gift.
It is friendship and team spirit and above all the deep inner anticipation associated with it. This anticipation of the completion of the building inside and outside is for everyone a bright, powerful and promising inner driving force that could hardly be compared to anything else. This tingly driving force often melts away difficulties and calls for constant improvement.

Yes, the temple has it all! And already now it moves all those who are involved, also in their inner being, enormously and above all it gives deep inner joy.