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2021 – Pioneer Village Bhairava Nagar

8th January 2022

by Susanne Ganns

Although the Covid-Crisis has taken hold of many things worldwide, in the pioneer village of Bhairava Nagar the wheels of life have never stopped turning.

The land as well as the temple project have developed in silence and through the diligence of all employees.

August 2021 – big landslide

Due to 3 days of heavy continuous rainfall during the monsoon, a very large landslide occurred on August 25, 2021 below the village. Thereby a part of the road to the village was broken off and the water pipe, which pumps the water from the Ganga upwards, was torn away.

Due to this, the water supply was completely cut off for four months.

People were supplied only with rainwater. This also meant extreme delays for all construction projects.

After everything was clarified with the authorities, began the construction of a stronger pump. The costs for it amounted to CHF 15,000.

A stronger pump and pipes with a three times bigger diameter compared to the previous pipes were installed and laid by the staff of Bhairava Nagar.

As a result, a three times stronger water flow is now possible. The pump is now powered by solar electricity, but can also be operated from the grid if needed.

At the same time a second water reservoir was built. This makes the water supply for the temple and the surrounding buildings more reliable.

Four months after the landslide on December 25, 2021, the joy was great. The water was flowing again in Bhairava Nagar.

Employee house, tea room, store, office


Many of you know this small, elongated building. Formerly a stable, at some point it was converted into a staff accommodation and an office.

In December 2020, the roof collapsed and so the time has come to build an appropriate staff house with more space, also with an eye of the future, when the temple opens its doors.

So in December 2020 the old building was demolished and the surveying work was started immediately. In January 2021, the holes for the pillars were already prepared.

In March 2021, the ground floor incl. the floor for the first floor was completed.

In mid June 2021, the shell of the first floor was also in place.

While work was in full swing for the second floor, the ground floor got the concrete floor and the walls were raised.

In November 2021, the shell of the third floor was already in place and many walls were completed. And by the end of November, roofing had already begun.

On December 22, 2021, the solar panels were installed and on December 27, the construction already showed itself in an impressing and new way.

We continued the interior finishing of windows, corridors, staircase and partition walls.

And at the end of December 2021 – just one year after the demolition of the old building – one can see an impressive work. A building with beautiful rooms and washrooms for the employees will be created, where at the same time offices will find their place, the store with all its own products can fully shine, a tea room as well as a library and reading room invites to a little rest.

It’s expected to complete the building in 2022.


Gangeshvaralinga – a dignified place for “Free Peace

In 2021, also many works around the Center of Peace Gangeshvaralinga progressed.

The design work on the surrounding buildings was widely completed. The house for the guards and priests is completely finished. The bathhouse, the welcome house and the store are finished except for the interior.

Furthermore, the enclosure wall in the east and south of the temple area is completed.

The shells of the entrance portals are also finished.

And of course a lot of progress has been made inside the temple, but this will remain a secret – as already reported in a newsletter – until the official opening.