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The sacred stones’ adventurous journey

7th April 2020

by Susanne Ganns
Since about 1 ½ years our patience has been tested hardly and again and again the transport of the sacred stones Lingam, Yoni, Yoni base and Naga has been delayed extremely.

Finally, in December 2019 another part of a truly adventurous story of the stones’ transport began, about which we can tell you now.

December 2019
For several weeks a team prepares the path from the Ganga up to the temple for the transport of the sacred stones. This is an arduous work as large stones have to be removed to widen and flatten the way.

24th January 2020
Finally, after more than a year of the stones’ completion they are packed and loaded onto two trucks at the stonemason’s in South India and send on their way with a holy ceremony.

 2nd February 2020
The first truck with the Lingam stone and the Naga stone arrives at noon on the opposite bank of the Ganga at Bhairava Nagar, is unloaded and the stones are welcomed with a ceremony.

Our Indian friends and co-workers of Bhairava Nagar immediately help vigorously and transport the Naga stone (0.3 tons) with their manpower up to the temple.


But where is the second truck?
Due to many misunderstandings the contractor orders the truck back to South India and for some time it is untraceable and unreachable. A race against time begins. Countless phone calls are made until the truck returns and Yoni and Yoni base finally can be unloaded late in the evening.

14th February 2020
We hire a new transport company for the stones’ transport across the Ganga and up to the Center for Free Peace.

28th February 2020
With a delay of eight days the transport team arrives and starts constructing the vessel.

29th February 2020
The vessel’s construction continues and a ramp to the Ganga is prepared.

1st March 2020
The vessel is finished.

2nd March 2020
The vessel is lowered into the water and the steel cables, by which the vessel is pulled across the Ganga, are placed and fixed with a lot of manpower.

Meanwhile there are constantly many discussions about how to proceed with the next steps, as it’s also a huge new challenge for the transport company.

A lot of patience is needed and many questions arise: Will it really work out with the vessel?

And will we experience the whole transport before our departure back to Germany on 5th March?

3rd March 2020
The time has come – the vessel runs an empty test and everything works well, and an additional steel rope is attached for security.

4th March 2020
The baptism of fire, or rather the baptism of water.
The vessel is loaded with a big stone and a test drive is started.
But in the middle of the Ganga, where the current is strongest, the vessel overturns and the stone ends up in the Ganga.

That’s it – our wish to experience the transport on site is over.
During a crisis meeting new procedures and an extended construction of the vessel are discussed.

The results are implemented in another 10 days. The vessel is tested again with large stones and more steel cables are placed.

14th March 2020
Finally, the time has come.
The Yoni base with 4.4 tons is loaded onto the vessel and can safely cross the Ganga. This time it’s “only” a load off everyone’s mind instead into the Ganga!!!

Today the Yoni stone with 4.6 tons also follows and late in the evening the Lingam stone with 6.2 tons is loaded and transported across the Ganga.

15th March 2020
Hurray – it’s done – all three stones are on the other side of the Ganga.

18th March 2020
Due to the beginning Corona crisis, the transport team leaves early without finishing the work – that is without transporting the stones up to the temple.

23th March 2020
The whole team of Bhairava Nagar decides to pull the stones with manpower and without a motor winch (which couldn’t be bought due to the Corona situation) to a safe place.

It’s important to place the stones at a higher place in case the transport to the temple isn’t possible before the monsoon begins. During the monsoon the Ganga often rises considerably.

During the following days the men do a great job and we can only support them from here with all our best wishes.

For days they are cranking by hand and carry all the stones piece by piece over rails and plates. They transport a total of 15.2 tons in this way. A real masterpiece.

31st March 2020
58 days later, after the stones arrived at the opposite bank of the Ganga, the sacred stones end up in a safe place for the time being.

At the same time, today all Indian national borders are closed because of the Corona crisis. All construction work on the temple must be stopped. No more building materials can be purchased.

 In literally “last minute” we succeeded to withstand the often strong headwind by keeping everyone together in friendship and mobilizing all powers. Trusting deeply that we would make it, we stuck with a lot of stamina to get the sacred stones “on our side”.

According to the motto: Together we are strong – and our faith in our inner strength together with the divine world moves mountains.

So this teamwork will go down in the history of the Center for Free Peace. We are all deeply grateful that we have succeeded.

And all of us who have been involved in this for a long time can feel that huge burdens are lifted now from our shoulders and from our hearts and the nerves that have been strained for so long can finally relax.

Bhairava Nagar is closed indefinitely due to the current virus situation.

We will see when the stones can start their journey up to the temple and when they can rise as sacred stones in the temple. Free peace and love will triumph and survive this crisis as well.


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