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Gold fever through cleaning

10th April 2018

During my trip to India in March 2018 I learned and experienced a lot. But one experience was particularly powerful and very extraordinary.

For our work around the universal Peace Center for Free Peace, several building inspections were necessary to initiate further steps. During the first visit, we were very pleased with what the site managers and their teams have achieved and with outstanding quality in the past few months.

Of course, where wood is chopped, splinters must fall and so we discovered a lot of dirt and colour stains on the new golden dome roof of the mother temple. These stains occurred when the scaffolding next to the dome was painted with anti-rust paint. During this work, the winds often sent a gust and thereby carrying the paint to the dome.

Our Indian friends were at a loss as to how to clean such precious glass tiles. The big pyramid roof of the Shiva Tower was also completely sooty and dirty due to a bush fire last summer.

However, in order to protect the precious roof in the future, I spontaneously decided to clean the glass roof of the dome in order to find out ,together with the Indian friends, what technical possibilities are needed so that the roofs can always shine in their full glory according to their purpose.

This was a highly interesting and completely unusual activity. Together with Angelika – who worked spontaneously from the 2nd day on – we cleaned tile by tile and every single silicone joint with a small sponge for three days. And all this in the glistening sunlight in wonderful heights.

Finding the right cleaning materials was also a challenge. Everything that can be found so easily in our supermarket, e.g. orange oil cleaners, cleaning sponges or mops with style etc., is rather difficult in this region. 1 ½ hours away by car is the next bigger city and even there you won’t always find everything and certainly not everything you need to clean a glass dome.

But we did not get discouraged. A homemade long mop, soapy water from biological detergent, many, many cleaning sponges and enormous joy at work revealed once again the roof in its glorious splendour.

After the second day I suddenly experienced strong dizziness in the night. Everything spinned and it felt as if the bed would drop out from under me. But strangely enough, it didn’t scare me. It was just totally unusual and it took getting used to.

A gold fever of particular gentleness, yes, I staggered as if I had a real intoxication.

I became aware of the power emanating from this miracle work and temple building and that it is about the crown of the goddess, the mother, and not just any dome roof. A truly powerful experience. And so I always carried inside me the deep certainty that I did not have to fear this dizziness, even if the bed or the floor swayed dangerously.

Despite dizziness I went back to the roof the next day. With the help of Bhogin, Angelika and I finished the work by polishing all the tiles again.

It was a great pleasure to see this crown in new splendour.


Subsequently, the dome roof was wrapped to protect it from further contamination.

In the course of this work we all became aware that the care of all roofs needs a well-rehearsed team and for some roofs even “mountaineering equipment”.

So during our time in India a team of climbing specialists came to instruct the Indian friends in this work, because the height of the Shiva Tower and the Vimana is still a significant challenge.

The first cleaning oft he severe contamination caused by the bush fire will now be carried out by a team of specialists, who will also train the future roof maintenance team.

Yes, this experience has shown once again that this is not just any building and every work that is done there moves people whether they enter this place or help to create it. It moves people without being manipulative, but touches the core of human beings deeply, because this core is so intimately connected with the love and joy of creation.

No one who has ever seen or entered this temple will ever forget it.

I can only confirm that and now I know what a real gold fever feels like.