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Vimana – an invitation to the gods

10th May 2018

by Susanne Ganns

It seems that some surprising information will reach us humans when the full truths about the history of mankind come to light.

Under the sign of change, we will hardly be able to avoid looking at our customary history (our origins with its customs) from a new perspective and rewriting it. Many things have to be looked at anew. Many things that are constantly smiled at and described as esoteric stuff, have to be perceived as fact in order to recognize that we have been deliberately cut off from many things, especially here in the western world. Have been cut off from the essential!

However, this rethinking is an important reverse conclusion to be able to come to new insights and to open oneself for the free peace within.

Already in the Vedas, the millennium-old Indian writings, numerous and partly very detailed descriptions of flying objects of the most different kind can be found, both of earthly and non earthly origin.

Many old Indian temples have structures on the temple towers, in which the appearance of “gods’ vehicles” – one could even say modern “UFO’s” – was modelled.

In the Vedic literature these formations are called “Vimana”. The whole spectrum of meaning of the word Vimana covers very much and does not always refer to a material object.

Here are a few examples:

  • Vehicles of the gods
  • Lightships
  • throne or palace of the gods
  • air car
  • A man who has discarded all pride, all ego and so easily ascends to heaven
  • The Sanskrit word “Vimana vidya” means: “The science of building and controlling of airships”.

It is no longer a question in India whether such Vimanas actually existed.
Of course they existed.

The Hindu temples have always been regarded as the earthly residence of the deities. Therefore, they are built according to uniform rules of a complicated sacred architecture in order to invite the gods to settle in it.

The perception that our earth was visited by beings from outer space whose home is on foreign planets in other solar systems, sometimes even other galaxies, has been known to the faithful Hindus for thousands of years. Indian scientists today incorporate this knowledge into their research.

Illustrations of light ships are also common in old rock paintings and artefacts of various cultures.

At the same time, when we remember ancient Egyptian or Sumerian buildings, we can see that some towers were also built there. What for?

For the lightship to be able to land. It was important and out of the question that this lightship should be on the highest spot. It had to be a noble place. It is reported in ancient mystical history that meetings between the gods and human beings could occure in these places.

For the same reasons, a Vimana is now being built under the roof of the Shiva Tower on the universal peace centre in India

Vimanas invite the gods to come to earth, to help us humans as in earlier times and to burn the evil with the glistening light.

Nowadays, more than ever, the support of the gods is needed to steer the change on earth in the right direction.

And we should accept the offer of creation, indeed it must be an incentive for us to advance the welfare of the earth and humanity:
“If you humans take a real and serious first step, the spiritual world will add nine more steps.”

All of us who are working intensively on the construction of this extraordinary temple for the future have decided to take this one step with joy, because we are aware that we humans will not manage it alone and that we may and must trust in the help of the gods.

We are grateful for all the impulses that VAIŚHVIK MAHAŚHAKTĪŚVAR YOGIRAJ SHIN SHIVA SVAYAMBHU BAIRAVANATH gives us with his all-embracing knowledge and we are allowed to implement them and bring them to earth.

And so a Vimana was also built on this temple of the new age to invite the gods to come with their light ships to support us humans.

Sincere gratitude goes to Michael Bonke and his team for all this wonderful design with silver and gold glass tiles, whereby the female and male principle of creation is wonderfully reflected.

And anyone who looks at the image at the beginning of this blog with an open heart will feel the great power it emanates and what it moves within.

The Vimana also invites us to liberate ourselves from all our egos and transform them into light. Then we ourselves will become a lightship and will be able to recognize the wonderful secrets of this temple, this special centre of peace, and why it is being built at this very time.