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Love and manpower move mountains

15th November 2020

by Susanne Ganns

In the past, the commissioned company repeatedly delayed and obstructed with many excuses the transport of the Sacred Stones, until finally we all decided to take the transport over the Ganga and up to Bhairava Nagar into our own hands.

As already reported in spring 2020 our dear Indian friends succeeded with a lot of perseverance and strength to transport the Sacred Stones across the Ganga to a safe place for the time during the monsoon.

They managed to do so in March 2020, but then the Covid19 crisis came.


The transport of the Sacred Stones from the Ganga up to Bhairava Nagar


how mountains are moved with love and power!

Due to the Covid crisis the wheels of the temple project stood still for a very long time. Dilbar had traveled with his lovely wife Kanta to Bhairava Nagar before the lockdown started and couldn’t return to Delhi for a long time due to the lockdown. Meanwhile Rohit was in Delhi and also couldn’t travel to the temple. Even our construction manager Negi Mahipal wasn’t allowed to travel to Dehradun to see his wife, who was ill at the time.

In silence the few workers did the work that was still possible, and so again and again things progressed “on quiet soles”.

After about 4 months Rohit and Dilbar were able to travel between Delhi and Bhairava Nagar to continue the project, with many permits to be obtained over and over.

We were all very worried about how to get the holy stones weighing tons up to the temple. But in early August Dilbar, Rohit and Mahipal decided with the whole team that we will bring the stones to the temple, with our own manpower and love for this project. Somehow we will manage it.

The team in India intended to do something big because they had to transport 15.2 tons of stones over a distance of 800 metres and 90 metres in altitude in very rough terrain and all this without a motor winch. During the Covid crisis almost no material could be bought, and additionally we couldn’t find a motor winch on the Indian market powerful enough to lift the stones and that would not have torn a huge hole in our budget. It also would have been necessary to buy a generator.

Anyway – the men were all willing to tackle this task.

So another “holy stones adventure” began on 14th August 2020.

This manually operated winch had to be pulled again and again by means of very heavy iron rails to the next possible transport location and was then anchored into the ground in order to pull the stones safely.

The men pulled and pushed with all available power to transport the winch over and over.

This required often to dig by hand and many stones had to be placed to secure the winch accordingly. Afterwards these holes again had to be closed and the stones removed.

Furthermore, it was permanently necessary to level the path by hand to ensure the safety of the stones.

And so on the 14th August 2020 the still adventurous journey of the Sacred Stones began, centimeter by centimeter up to the temple.

The men cranked, cranked and cranked and slowly centimeter by centimeter they pulled the stones up.

They built barriers by hand at difficult passages so that the stones could not slip off there.

Very often it was a risky undertaking, many beads of sweat appeared on their foreheads, and many thoughts about how to go on brought sleepless nights.

Who of you dear readers has ever rammed such iron beams into the ground by hand? Can you imagine the power it takes to transport them and get them into the stony ground?

Or can you imagine what it takes to put an iron rail under a winch or a stone weighing tons so the transport can continue?

Our friends did this in great teamwork by bobbing with the iron bar until the stone or winch lifted.

Again and again the iron pipes and metal sheets had to be pushed under the stones for another centimeter and thus rolled up slowly, very slowly.

At the same time, the chains and ropes for the winch had to be pulled back and secured.

One month later the stones were in these positions.

They continued to the destination, now very close.

36 days later – on 18th September 2020 – a historic moment

The holy Lingam Stone is located on the temple grounds in front of the temple.

After another 3 days the Yoni Base and the Yoni Stone are also on the site.

After another 3 days, during which the small paths to the temple had to be widened, all three holy stones are standing directly in front of the temple.

It is fulfilled.

This report reads so quickly,
but it contains 46 long days of intensive and hard work.

Much sweat has flowed,
many shoes were worn through and broke,
very often in the evening the men sank exhausted in their beds in the sleeping camp.

But in love with this wonderful temple of peace
and in honour to the landlord SHIN

all these men have done great things.

With their actions and this transport
the stones of SHIVA and SHAKTI,
the symbol of creation,

they have disabled the delaying factors and showed,

that it depends on each individual – especially in these times –
to give everything in love for free peace,

because love will triumph over everything.

Again and again we receive news,
that all this could only happen through the spiritual world and its helpers.

Of course it is true
and certainly the creation with all its helpers
reached out the protecting and helping hand,

but without the manpower and love of mankind for creation
it would never have been possible.

To all Indian friends involved
we send from all countries
deep thanks and great respect
and from the bottom of the heart the best regards.

We look forward to seeing you again.

 आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद
aapaka bahut bahut dhanyavaad

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